Welcome to Love's Lookout in Cherokee County, Texas



Above is the Love's Lookout guest center at the rest stop and picnic area for travelers and local people.  Love's Lookout was once the site for stage plays performed by Lon Morris College and others at its outdoor theater.  During the early 70's the theater had become in such disrepair that the Cherokee County and City of Jacksonville abandoned any upkeep. It was later demolished.  The current facility was built and established by Cherokee County, Texas. Click here to read history.



Pictured left is the top of the Love's Lookout tower.  Once the tower was used by the United States Forest service to watch and respond to forest fires.  Currently the tower is used for communications and as a greeter to Jacksonville, Texas.

Above right of the guest center is one of the covered picnic areas complete with grill.      


South of Tyler approximately 20 miles and 2 miles north of Jacksonville, Texas Love's Lookout panoramic view has been used on many occasions as the background for photographs from engagement announcements to many family excursions opportunities.


Many local people have long held it as one of the best keep "get away from it all" mini holiday trip secrets.  Churches have used these facilities for their Easter sunrise services on many occasions.  Love's Lookout continues to be one of Cherokee County's and the City of Jacksonville's best and most beautiful assets. 


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