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From south of Cherokee county along Highway 69 through Wells  to  north at Bullard, passing along through Rusk and Jacksonville, from the east on Highway 79  to New Summerfield to west to Cuney you will travel some of the most beautiful wooded country in the South. Pines, majestic oaks, sweet gums and dogwoods  give  spring and fall an explosion of colors.

Many do not visualize Texas as part of the Old South until they have been through this area. In your travel through Cherokee County, Texas in the heart between New  Summerfield,  Jacksonville  and Rusk is the City of  Gallatin  Texas.  A spectacular scenic view across the  county  is  afforded  just  north  of  Jacksonville at Love's   Lookout    Park,   named  for  the  family  who donated the park.

We hope you will visit whether to take a historic train ride or a walk across the historic footbridge in the city

 of Rusk, Texas. Attend our Tomato Fest in Jacksonville, Texas or view a football game from one of Texas state's best rated stadiums "The Tomato Bowl". Take a trail ride on the back roads in  Gallatin during the Gopher Fest, then drop by for a lunch at The Olde Gallatin Store. Tour greenhouses and view the United States largest greenhouse operations in New Summerfield, have lunch on a Saturday and attend a livestock auction. Head south in Cherokee County, Texas and tour the Caddoan Mounds just west of Alto left by Texas' earliest known Indians. Play  rounds golf in Jacksonville and Rusk. Attend a play at the Cherokee Civic Theater, or antique hunt, your treasure and making new memories awaits you here.  You just might not leave! As the old expression goes, the best things in life are free! 




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