New Summerfield Volunteer Fire Department

       P. O. Box 429       New Summerfield, Texas  75780    

      Telephone 903 726-3568   In Case of Emergency Dial 911
      Joseph Nix, Fire Chief / EMT-Paramedic                    

      The New  Summerfield  Volunteer  Fire  Department serves the community and  its citizens of New

      Summerfield and surrounding areas of  Northern  Cherokee  County,  Texas.  The  fire  department

      protects  over  a  hundred  square miles  of  Cherokee County  and  approximately  three thousand

      citizens.        The fire department operates one fire  station located on  Farm Road 235 inside New

      Summerfield,  and  currently  operates  four  state  of  the  art,  top of the line firefighting apparatus.

      New  Summerfield  Volunteer  Fire  Department  provides  the community with fire suppression, fire

      prevention, EMS first response, and rescue operations.  Our department has 28 extensively trained

      firefighters,  including  trained  paramedics,  and  emergency  medical  technicians  to  provide  the

      citizens emergency medical care until an ambulance can arrive.

      The  City  of  New  Summerfield  has  no  ordinance  regarding outdoor burning.  However, Cherokee

      County, Texas does from time to time issue outdoor burning bans.  Always be cautious about doing

      any  burning  and  always be alert to weather conditions because if your are conducting any outdoor

      burn  you  are  libel  for  any damages that may be caused.  This message has been brought to you

      courtesy  of Online Directory of Texas, Inc. and the contribution of information provided by your New

      Summerfield Fire Chief Joseph Nix.


      Online Directory of Texas, Inc. encourages the community to support this fine organization.



      Think safety first!


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